Was 1.9.23 pulled?


Aug 29, 2011
My updater says that I'm up-to-date with 1.9.16. MIUI.US doesn't have it and ROM Manager does not have it either. I'm on a DInc2. What's going on? :?
It does appear to have been pulled. I don't know if other devices were effected, but 9.23 for the Inc2 wouldn't boot. I downloaded it this morning and spent probably 2 hours flashing it repeatedly trying to get it to work before I checked on XDA and found everyone who flashed it ran into the same problem. A little while later, it disappeared from ROM Manager.

Edit: it looks like it's back up. Downloading it now and hopefully its been fixed.

Edit 2: Still no go for me. Plays the boot animation and then hangs. Think I'll just give up on this week's update.