Weird battery drain

Nov 25, 2021
Hey guys, you gotta help me. Got Mix4 (MIUI 12.5.12) for 3 months now and I'm rly thinking about getting rid of it. There are many things not working properly but major one is the battery drain.
Every time I reach 25-35% the drain start to be extreme. Every 3 seconds I loose 1% until battery charge is zero and it takes like 20min on charger before I can even restart the phone.
When I go sleep with let's say 38% of charge I wake up late every time because phone is dead, it drives me crazy!
I tried everything, battery calibration, factory restart, battery management apps... Supplier(Tradingschenzen) says that battery is fine and it's a sw issue.

Initially I was so happy about getting this phone but now I'm getting more and more desprate of it. Any ideas?


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