Whats The Best Rom So Far

Dec 10, 2016
As I have recently purchased the RN4 which i must admit i like , and now having the ability to load any ROM i want to, i would like to know what ROM s are available out there.
Is it possible to let me know ( and i suspect others in the same position as me ) what ROM s are people using ? what are the pros and cons ?
At present im on 8.1.4 that seems smooth , battery is good, it last 2 days ( but i am not a heavy user ) no resets and no hanging.
I really like when you swipe down ( once or twice) you see the various icon for gps, blue-tooth etc. and can change them.
I like the way you can pick the way to transition ( effects ) from 1 screen to another , this impresses other people. I'm using rotate at the moment.
! thing i do not like is all apps appear on the homepage and not hide in the background ( is the the app draw?) so i have a icon folder i put the ones i do not really want to see in there .

Thanks for any replies you can give.
Jan 1, 2017
I use 7.1.5 with the patch (make everrything better). I have 4-5h SOT with 1h phone conversation ans 2 days with moderate use.
Battery drain over night 4-5% with bluetooth open,wifi and data.

Issue: wake up tap not work all the time (I can live without)