When do i have to wipe? Never? like in CM-Nightly?

dirk gently

Mar 18, 2011

i just dont get when i have to wipe my phone.
Is MIUI based on the CM7-Nightlies or what?

In that case we wouldn't have to wipe anything before the weekly update.

But since MIUI China changes a lot every week i am not sure.
Can i just update without wiping every week or do i have to start from scratch or is cashe and dalvik enough?
I don't wipe anything week in and week out since I first installed this rom and its updates since then, probably installed it first end of march/early april. What does this mean, don't I get the new fixes and changes when I don't wipe anything?
Its not a REQUIREMENT that you wipe, but, most people usually do to minimize any chance of error. Me, I usually backup my data/apps, wipe all data (Calkulin's Format All), then install and restore from backup.

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If you ever run into random reboots or problems, it could be due to not wiping. The one time it is necessary to wipe was when going from Froyo to Gingerbread. After that it's up to you i guess...
On xda-developers, it mentions that upgrading MIUI on DHD to 1.5.6 requires a full wipe.

Does that require for the rom there only?

Last time I tried a back up with MIUI app. It dIdn't restore well for icons and folders on launcher.

Have that fixed in recent version?

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I tend to be at the other end of the spectrum. I always wipe when flashing. I have obsessive rom-flashing disorder or something and after hundreds of roms loaded, my experience is that the probability of error increases without wiping and starting fresh. That said, with these miui betas, you probably could get away with just reflashing within releases (1.4.x releases) but I would definitely want to wipe (and wipe a minimum of three times) going from 1.4.x to 1.5.x roms.

Your mileage may vary, consult your owner's manual for details.
funny thing is wiping has caused more errors for me than not...I had my phone working perfectly with A2SD Cache2SD and Data2SD and then when the phone error first started I thought a wipe might fix it...now I cannot enable a2sd at all and I can't restore a backup no matter what I do...

MIUI is still VERY buggy...sometimes we can't tell because of how awesome it is, but keep that in mind.
cyber is right on

flashing nightlies or weeklies within same rom, wipe caches

going to next versions full wipes

after awhile your ext gets "out of wack" " a techy term" and needs redone if you are a heavy flasher or changing from different base roms and different a2sd programs

you may be at that point Absolute--I need to redo about once a month

BTW--with 1b I have no more contact photos during calls--think someone mentioned this before--maybe something with the string changes to 1b--no biggy--just FYI