Where have you bought Mix 4? Is worth to buy or not?


May 30, 2016
Hello! I have the Mi Mix 2 since it came out but I'm already looking for a replacement, and the Mix 4 seems quite interesting to me.

If anyone has any recommendations on where to buy it, I would appreciate it. In the same way, I want to ask you if it is worth it, and how the software is doing. Thank you very much!


Oct 6, 2016
I got mine from a certain "trading site of shenzen", since it's a china-only phone, it has no global rom, so installing xiaomi.eu is a must if you wish to be rid of chinese bloatware. Supports all 4G bands of the western world, I don't know about 5G since my carrier doesn't offer it yet, but so far have had no issues with mine. Excellent performance, battery life, cameras and features.


Sep 5, 2020
Liaow.com are reliable. Trading Shenzen is where I got mine, just as Liaow were out of stock

As above you need to put this ROM on it. The default software is usable but it very... China. With bloatware and such and some apps unable to be set to English

One thing about importing phones. Chinese phones do not use the same bands as Europe for 4G. (if you look at the phone stats on gsmmarena.com and Google your provider's bands you can check if they match)

Not sure where you are, but I am in the UK. I switched to EE because they repurposed their 3G bands for 4G. I don't lose coverage

Would really recommend this phone. The lack of a notch is brilliant. The selfie cam suffers in return, but it's good enough. Maybe not in really low light. The actual main camera is great, not best in class, but like much of this phone, it's just absolutely premium top to bottom. The wired charging time is crazy. Wireless charging too. Waterproof. I've had it in the sea, the phone is fine.

Downsides ummmmm. If you're a big Google Pay user maybe, you have to unlock the bootloader to install any ROM. There are solutions sometimes (I don't use it myself so sorry I'm not fully versed on that)


Sep 18, 2015
Trading Shenzhen have just told me on webchat support they no longer ship to the UK owing to Brexit. I'd tried to order the Mix 4 on their site but the GB/UK option isn't available any more. Does anyone have any other ideas?