Wipe required for updates or just GB?


Mar 18, 2011
Hello just recently started using MIUI ( have to say its awesome). Was wondering will a wipe always be required for updates for this rom or is it something only to do with gingerbread that requires a wipe? Thanks.

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For the update between Froyo and Gingerbread, you absolutely have to wipe. For updates between Froyo to Froyo or Gingerbread to Gingerbread, you "should" wipe, but most people here find it to troublesome (laziness perhaps) and get by without wiping.

I wipe every single week and don't find it a hassle to do so, and I've never had a single issue using MIUI on my D1 since I started flashing it back in late September (other than the 100% known bugs that come straight from the original Chinese developers).

So my suggestion to you is, wipe if you are like myself, someone who doesn't like unexpected issues cropping up a few days after wiping. It's incredibly easy and swift to mass pull all your apps using ADB or even Android Commander, and equally as easy to mass install all those apps back onto the phone using Android Commander or xUltimate. If there is an app you absolutely don't want to lose your data from (Angry Birds for example), then just backup data for said app using Titanium Backup. Contacts, Gmail, Email, Google Voice, etc are all on the cloud and you don't ever need to worry about them when wiping; all it takes is a quick sync to get those all back.
Thanks for the reply. Answers all of my questions.

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