Wireless charging issue

Chuckie 8321

Sep 23, 2021
Hello all. I'm new to the brand Xiaomi and have just purchased a mi 11. Lovely phone and quick response. When using the enclosed charger I can charge my phone in around 50 minutes, so I know that part of the charging is working. I've tried a wireless charger that we had in the house but only 10w. I put the phone on charge overnight with a starting percentage of 68% charged. I checked it this morning and it was down to 52%. The phone is updated to the latest miui.
Any ideas? The wireless charger works on my son's iPhone without issue.

UPDATE……Well after ordering the Xiaomi 55w charger I found that with the phone switched on it keeps switching from charging to not and so on. With the phone switched off it charges perfectly. No idea why but at least the wireless charging appears to work. Sort of.
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