Xiaomi 10 Ultra latest update for NFC/google payments etc issue


Jun 14, 2022
Hello Guys,
Been having the mi 10 ultra since its release. over the past few months I've been having this NFC google payment issues.
it was resolved with an update a month or so ago (not sure about the time tbh) but it reoccurred after a few days.
Bare in mind that for some reason whenever I try to install TWRP again the phone goes into boot loop.
So all my updates lately are done through fast boot.
I love my phone and I would like to keep it a little more. if there was a way to find a genuine battery I would keep it for more to be honest but it's time for an upgrade.
So while waiting for the mi 14 Ultra release or the Mix fold 4 which is rumored to get a Global release I would like to fix my phone.
The issue is that I checked today the update app and got that there was an APK that fixes payments.. as you have already read the APK alone won't fix the issue. there is a rom update which says it's a ROM REBUILD. I downloaded the zip file and transferred it on my PC. unfortunately Winrar finds that this file is corrupted and I can't unzip it normally. I cleared everything.. tried to download it again.. and still got the same issues. Is there a link where I can download this rom directly from my phone.

Some help here is greatly appreciated
also if there is a source for a genuine battery so that I can pass this phone to my folks would also be greatly appreciated.