Xiaomi 11Tpro on HyperOS notification problems


Jun 13, 2024
Hi from a Xiaomi 11Tpro basic user, idk nothing about ROM or similar.
I have a problem, and could appreciate any help, please, resolving this issue I have.
So, before the HyperOS update (, UKDEUMIX) in lock screen , I was able to slide/push down on the left side and see all of my notifications, so I was able to "peek" in my notifications, open or dismiss them.
Now, I have to unlock my screen to see and manage notifications, and it's annoying.
I don't want them floating on my lock screen cuz it's making me "overwhelmed", don't know how to explain, makes me uncomfortable to have all that happening at once on screen. I have lots of notifications.
Is there a fix or something to have notification visible like before?
Attached is ss of my lock screen with notifications.


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Hello. Same problem with the same device (but apps were already allowed to fully display their notifications on the lock screen).
In fact, only one app appeared on the lock screen after the update to Android 14, HyperOS yesterday. So I disabled the permissions of the absent apps, turned off the phone (a reboot made no difference), then restored their permissions to appear on the lock screen. Now some appear but not all, but after a while they disappear.
The only app that persists on the lock screen is PhoneProfilesPlus, and the apps I'm trying to restore are : WhatsApp, Phone, Weawow, and others.