New Xiaomi 12 Lite - Bootloop


Aug 13, 2021
I used Xiaomi EU firmware for about 3 days. I didn't do anything superfluous. Used, periodically rebooted. Normal standard usage. Today I noticed that 3GB of RAM out of 8 was free and decided to restart the smartphone, since all applications were closed and it seemed strange to me that there was a small amount of free RAM. As a result, I got a Bootloop, the system loaded up to the MI logo (loading 3 points from the bottom), it lasted about 10 times. Next, the smartphone began to go into Recovery (also about 10 times), and in the end finally went into Fastboot. Manual reboot did not help, the combination of buttons to enter Recovery did not work, the system went to Fastboot.

What can Bootloop/Fastboot be associated with? I installed the system with Wipe Data, the file is in the archive.
My second phone 11 Lite 5G had a similar situation about 6 months ago.
Now I do not know how to restore the photos...
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