Xiaomi 12 wireless Android Auto does not work


Aug 29, 2022

Two weeks ago (15.08) I've started having issues with wireless connection of Android Auto. My specs are:
Phone - Xiaomi 12
Firmware - MIUI Global
Android Auto - 7.8.622514-release
Car - BMW 3 series G20

The car connects to the phone, I can use bluetooth audio, phone calls, basically everything except for Android Auto. Whenever I try to start it from the car's head unit I see this message pop up in my phone notification drawer

and the progress bar just sits there forever.

I am not sure what caused this to happen, most likely it has been an overnight MIUI update (I have automatic install turned on), but I can not confirm this as I don't know if there's a history kept somewhere. Also I'm pretty sure it was not caused by the Android Auto update because the version I'm using is pretty old (released somewhere in june), neither by my car's head unit because Android Auto of the same version works well with my wife's samsung.

The things I've tried: rebooting my car's head unit, toggling off/on bluetooth and wifi on the phone, rebooting the phone, removing the saved car from android auto, clearing android auto cache, removing android auto, installing a couple previous versions of andoird auto (some didn't work the same way, some made me update to a newer version which of course didn't work).

The only thing that I have not tried is resetting the phone to factory but at this point for me it's easier to get a different phone with all the stuff I'd need to backup and restore. Are there any suggestions that I could try that could fix the issue before I do that?


May 29, 2022
My Mi 11 ultra just had an update to MIUI 13.0.6 - I still have the problem connecting android auto wireless. If I use the USB cable it works perfectly well. There seems to be a problem since going from MIUI 12.5 to MIUI 13. I've reported this to the developers via the phone. I've tried resetting the phone, no luck