Xiaomi 12S Pro Lock Screen Notifications Issue


Mar 5, 2024
Hello everybody!

Xiaomi 12S Pro owner here currently on with the 24.3.25 DEV build. As other people have already mentioned i also have issues with lock Screen Notifications.
Lock screen Notifications work fine for sometime and then randomlly the screen light-up, text notification pops up but with no sound , sometimes it even doesn't light-up with no sound. Then after some time everything works fine. This happens randomly everyday.

Things i have tried up to now with no solution:
Clear cache and data, stop/ restart apps
Reinstall apps,
Enabled "Background Autostart" and "No restrictions battery saver" settings in apps,
Disabled Pause app activity if unused setting in apps.
I have Tinkered around with apps permissions
Changed battery mode to "Performance Mode"
Turned off all battery saving settings
Disabled face unlock
locked apps and set the clear cache when device is locked to "never" in boost speed settings
Enabled unrestricted data.
Lastly as i am rooted i even froze the "Battery and Performance" app but the issue still persists.

This Issue persists since latest stable rom (xiaomi.eu_multi_UNICORN_OS1.0.3.0.ULECNXM_os1-14). This was the first rom i installed to the phone with clean installation. Then i dirty flashed 24.3.4 DEV and then dirty flashed 24.3.18 DEV, 24.3.18 DEV which is the one i currently use. Problem exists to all 4 roms.

Has this issue been identified within the DEV team for a future fix?
Is there anybody that has managed to resolve this issue? Any help will be much appreciated.