Xiaomi 12S Pro MIU 14 problems


Feb 5, 2023

I own a Xiaomi 12S Pro with the following software version MIU TLECNXM.
I just updated the phone a few days ago and since then i have a few problems.

1. local audio file set as notifications or ringtone doesn't work anymore.
The ringtone is clearly set on a MP3 audio file i have, but it doesn't work anymore.
It worked before, but after the update it doesn't. I already checked all the permissions and everything is good.
I had set custom notifications for specific apps, and after the update all those apps are using the default notification sound.

2. I don't get any notifications when the phone is sleep, the best example is Whatsapp. People are messaging me but i don't get anything anymore.
Only when i open the app all the messages appears. But it's the same with Facebook, Google Home and other apps.
But i noticed everytime i open Whatsapp after a while (10min) it seems the app has been complete closed because it.

3. When i got notications they always stayed on the lock screen, no the dissapear for no reason.
Sometimes when i open the notication panel there is nothing there.

Does anyone have a solution for this?