Xiaomi 14, Global,Chinese,European version, which version and why?


Jun 10, 2024
Hello there, I don't have much knowledge regarding the matter so I would higly appreciate if you guys would help me understand.

I am living in Europe and I am thinking about buying the xiaomi 14, right now I am on vacation in Asia and I have the option to buy this phone either in global or chinese version( I don't want the european version because of the price).
My questions are these: 1)If I buy the global version of the phone will there be any major differences than buying the phone from Europe?
2)If I buy the Chinese version and install the eu.rom as I see many guys doing here, will I still have some google services not working properly? Also that means that I will not get any OTA uodates and that I have to manually update the phone even for securities updates?

Thank you!