Xiaomi 2S


Feb 7, 2011
Anyone up for Xiaomi 2S at the moment? After going through the specs, I think the upgrades are somewhat minor unless the new Snapdragon CPU is a lot faster compared to the one currently in Xiaomi 2.
Mar 23, 2013
As you said, Mi2S upgrade is quite minor for those who have Mi2 device, a slightly faster processor (1.7 Ghz) and better camera (f2.2, 13 Megapixel) for 32 GB model only.

For those who wanted a new phone NOW, yeah they definitely should go for it but I still recommend waiting till Mi3 release which would be around October... Although by the time we get it, it would no longer be October T_T.

Based on the rumors, I think Mi3 will be something like this:
1) Bigger screen (It might be bad news for some people who want smaller device)
2) Water Resistant (f**k Yeah)
3) NFC (Cool)
4) LTE (Not much of LTE carrier in my country but still nice to have)
5) The usual CPU and Camera upgrade :)))
6) Higher battery capacity

As for myself, I hope there will be some additional improvements which are as below (More than just hardware):
1) Wireless Charging
2) A slimmer design + better phone design and build quality (Personally, I love the build quality of HTC phone so much)
3) A stronger vibration motor that adjusts the vibration strength based on the surrounding (The current one does not vibrate strong enough in outdoors)
4) A louder phone speaker
5) Globalization (Very unlikely to be achieved within such a short time frame)
6) Xiaomi team to communicate and works together with international developer team such as miuiandroid (Very unlikely too, considering their current response...)