New XIAOMI FlipBuds Pro Pairing Issue


Nov 26, 2021
I recently got XIAOMI FlipBuds Pro with XIAOMI 11T Pro 12 GB/256 GB. I am facing only 1 issue, I will be grateful if you address this issue. They are successfully connected with XIAOMI 11T Pro but if I try to connect them with Windows 10/11 or my other Samsung M30s, Huawei Y9 models but they are not discoverable even. What can be the reason? I do not want to return them as their sound quality and looks are so premium. Otherwise I have to send them for replacement. I tried a lot to find the reason on internet but nothing is there clearly mentioned but if you check the comments on amazon then you will see that pairing issues are there. So they can not be connected with any other device at all other than XIAOMI's specific MIUI version or models so the one of the best features that it can be connected to 2 platforms at the same time WHICH IS NOT WORKING AT ALL. So kindly guide me about them.