Xiaomi Gallery and screen huge battery drain


Nov 19, 2022
I've been facing this problem for quite a week or two: my Xiaomi mi10 t pro battery gets completely drained by Screen and Gallery, but it's not something mild, it's huge, sometimes it goes from 30 to 23 in thirty seconds. I used my phone this morning for answering messages on WhatsApp but it's not something intense and the battery went straight from 100% to 40% in a few hours even with the screen off for most of the time, now it's 40 minutes, circa, since I started using my phone and firstly it's really hot and it's because of Gallery app that it's been using the CPU for about four hours (screenshot). I don't know what to do, I tried forcing stop and unistalling the updates but nothing has changed. The screen now, should I lower the refresh rate to 90 or 60hz? I always kept 144hz and never had a problem.

What should I do? The battery doesn't even last for half a day anymore. I need help. English isn't my first language so if I made some mistake and something should be hard to understand, tell me.

Thanks in advance.


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