XiaoMi M1 - Guide to Root Miui 4.0 ICS 20 Stable

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  1. Dm22


    Oct 22, 2012
    All information are found from the chinese xiaomi boards, i am not the one who thought of this method. I am just translating, and rephrasing the instructions so all of us can enjoy it.

    All versions of Miui came pre-root, until ICS18. For some reason they thought giving root is too dangerous of a liability..maybe....

    Most recent release is ICS 20, officially on the site. found here

    Direct Link to the Miui V4 Stable ICS20.0 here

    If you have a brand new XiaoMi M1/M1s phone, follow the instructions below.
    If you've flashed roms before, and are familiar with the procedure, then you should know where to jump in.

    Make sure your computer has installed the Xiaomi drivers, so you can access the SD card on your M1 phone

    1. Download the ICS20.0 rom and Permission Manager.apk
    2. Put the ICS20.0 rom and Permission Manager.apk into your phone's SD card root directory.(meaning not in any folder)
    2a. If you are running stock miui rom, you need to rename the rom to "update.zip" first..if you're running custom rom e.g. Lenny's custom AU rom... then skip this step.
    3. Go into Recovery Mode, simplest way is to open the Updater app, and press the Option key, and select "Reboot into Recovery"
    4. Using the Power and Volume keys, navigate to wipe&reset, then select Wipe All Data, please note this will erase everything, so please make a backup of everything(anything) important to you first.
    5. Go back to main menu of the recovery, and then select "Install update.zip to System one/two"
    5a. Obviously you're going to reboot into that particular system(1 or 2) after it's done installing.
    6. Download and install "Titanium Backup" from the native Market app.
    7. Open File Manager, and run Permission Manager.apk, it'll ask you to install, and so on.
    7a. CAUTION: TRICKY PART!: When it's done installing, it'll have TWO button on the bottom, "Finish", or "Launch"... DO NOT PRESS FINISH, press launch and it'll open up the permission manager.
    8. Now we have just "replaced" the old permission manager which locks out root, with this new permission manager. So just click "Manager Root Permission", and Enable it.
    9. Now you should see Titanium Backup on the list, so just click it, and changed the permission to "Always allow"
    10. Press the home key to get back to home screen, and open up Titanium Backup. It should now have root access!!
    11. Press "backup/restore" button on TItanium backup, and scroll down to "Permission Manager" and UNINSTALL IT. It will ask you to confirm your decision to remove the Permission Manager twice, and then tell you that LBESEC_MIUI.apk was just removed.
    12. Reinstall the Permission Manager.apk and then reboot...or reboot then reinstall Permission Manager.

    Your phone is now rooted.

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  2. hadron


    Sep 23, 2012
    nice guide


    Sent from my Teclast A10t
  3. tanclo


    Thanks for the information. I have the Mi2 - I have tried this on the JBL14.0 for the Mi2 but I get the package installer crashing.. Either I get the notification about force closing or the File manager just turns off. I tried using File Expert also but it also fails the same way. Any ideas?
  4. rizsma


    Oct 31, 2012
    Can a MI1S using ICS20 ROM to be flash with ROM 3.4.5? Is the method is the same here?
    Thanks in advance.
  5. Dm22


    Oct 22, 2012

    Going from ICS20 ROM to the 3.4.5 or newest 3.4.12 (at the moment of this post) does not require all the steps shown here.

    you just have to download the 3.4.12, rename it as update.zip, put it in the microsd, and flash it either in recovery mode or using the updater.
  6. Dm22


    Oct 22, 2012
    I do not have a mi2, so i'm not sure if the apk files are compatible at all.

    if they are crashing, probably incompatible
    but you can try to run it after rebooting phone, or after wiping
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  7. tanclo


    Thanks.. I eventually found a solution here http://bbs.xiaomi.cn/thread-7157132-1-1.html
    It's a rooted rom to be flashed over JLB14.0 stable rom for Mi2

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