Xiaomi mi 11 Pro - Root after installing Magisk Hide props it reboots phone into MIUI Recovery 5.0 NON-TWRP


Apr 26, 2021

I need some help or advise with this...
I running the phone Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro with a EEA ROM Official.
I am testing this phone without, NON-TWRP recovery.
Im having a problem after Magisk is being installed, and the following tweak; Magisk Hide props config

The phone boots continuessly to the MIUI Recovery 5.0, instead of starting the phone normally... After a couple reboots into to MIUI Recovery, the phone boots normally again.
So Im wondering what I am doing wrong? How to fix this? That the phone directs boots into to the phone instead of the recovery stock.
Even If I remove the module it still boots into to the default MIUI Reovery...
And after a few reboots into the recovery the phone boots into to the phone.
Still how to fix this?