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Martin | Mi 11

Mar 28, 2021
Until I've drank myself to death? XD
The lethal dose of alcohol is 5–8g per 1kg of mass.

1g of alcohol is 1.2ml of alcohol.

An average adult is 80kg.

5*80*1.2=480ml of pure alcohol to kill an average adult.

An average bottle of beer is 500ml and contains 4.2%/21ml of pure alcohol.

480/21=23 bottles of beer drunk instantly will kill an average adult.

If you can’t drink 23 bottles of beer instantly, then you have to compensate for the rate of metabolism. Your body clears 14g/17ml of alcohol every 90 minutes. At this rate it takes your body 111 minutes to clear a bottle of beer. So, for every 2 hours of your heroic attempt you have to add one more bottle to the initial 23 bottles.

Copied from Quora


Sep 5, 2020
How about Netflix and prime video?
Don't use netflix right now but Prime Video works. Playing Superbad right now and fine

I got from China as I wanted the jade one. Just set to English

Absolutely fine, Google play store installed, launcher can be changed too unlike the phones