Xiaomi Mi TV 4s


Apr 23, 2020
Hello, I found a big bug on Xiaomi TV. I buyed a 55" Mi TV 4S and it's great. So I buyed another one for my parents. I dont watch Live TV so I didnt recognize that there is something wrong. My parents do watch Live TV, so after set up I wondered, why it isnt possible to switch tv channels with UP and DOWN button. You have to press CH LIST, choose your channel and press okay button.Thats very, very inconvinient!

So I downloaded the Google-made App "Live Channels". The Live Channels App allows you to switch channels by pressing UP and DOWN buttons, but the App looks ugly as hell. I was very disappointed.

When I went home and startet my own Xiaomi Mi TV 4S, big surprise! On my TV it is possible to switch channels with UP and Down at the build-in Live TV! I was very confused and thought, well there must be an issue with the build in Live TV App on my parents TV. So the next day, I went back to my parents home and deleted Cache and Data of the build-in Live TV App. But the issue persists. So I restartet the device and wow! It worked! The build-in Live TV is switching channels by pressing UP and DOWN! Hurrey!

Two days later, I realised, you cant switch channels by voice control. It always shows "No channel found" if I try to change channel by voice comand. So I went to the settings of Google Assistant and found a setting to manage, in which Apps Google Assistant should search. But if I go into this setting, the page keeps grey. I thougt, well seems like another tiny crash or bug. So I restarted the TV, but it wont help. I decided to reset the whole TV to factory settings.


After set up, Google Assistant is working again, but the first issue, switching TV channels by UP and DOWN isnt working!!

I tried the same as I did at first time but this time it didnt helped. I still found no way to fix it again.

It is very strange, it looks like there are no documentations about these issues! I only found many complainings about the inconvinent way to switch channels. I guess most of this people didnt know it's a bug!

Did anyone have an idea?!
Does anyone have similar experiences?

The TV is unusable with this bugs and many users complaining about the inconvinent way to switch channels! I am sure, most of them dont know, that this is a bug and not a missing feature!
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Wow! I fixed it again!! I deactivated HbbTv and it is possible to switch channels by UP and Down now! Yay!! :)

To anyone who have a Mi TV, please check how your device is behaving and try my solution until Xiaomi fixes these bugs!
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given you do know your miTV 4s' remote control has a " wheel " for navigating a user interface only, what does your RC look like ?
your remote control has all ' volume + and - ' and also ' CH + and - ' buttons ?
you may want to tap those numbered buttons to switch channels though.
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