Xiaomi Mi2 problems

May 26, 2011
Hi all!
If you know any problems about Mi2, here you can share it with us! ;)

I want to buy a Mi2, but I'm scared about issues, what I read about engineering products... Pixel defects and other screen issues for example.
So, if you have any information about problems or fixed problems, please tell us!
May 10, 2012
well honestly the ppl in the chinese miui forums kept complaining about screen issues.. some of them are true unfortunately..

the most notorious one is the washed out yellow screen issue, not sure if you understand that but to explain shortly, everything looks a lil bit pale in comparison to m1, just a tiny bit, its most noticeable with white colors.. instead of bright white it would be a bit yellowish..

some ppl compare this issue with the iphones and ipads that came with the same problem.. the reason was that the glue was not dry causing the yellowing, that within a week or so of use its gone... hopefully thats xiaomi m2 case..

others say something about black pixels and some **** like that, **** i havent noticed that one yet and it would seem more serious..
Nov 14, 2012
Hi, how do I get it working with Google maps? On Baidu Maps it shows the correct country but Baidu does not have maps outside China. In Google Maps / Foursquare it usually does not pick up the location. But when it does the location is wrong. During the last try I was shown to be in... Hefei, China. That's somewhere in Anhui Province, at least 7 hours flight from where I am. :(
May 19, 2012
Okay does anyone know how to see the internal drive? Miui only allows me to see it through Android File Transfer. I just want to see it as an normal drive. This because I need advanced file permission etc.
Dec 5, 2013
hello everyone
I have a "mid s2" with a stock rom v5 which contains just as English and Chinese languages, and when I tried to put a custom rom that contains SEVERAL language I download "WIUI 03/11/29 "but instead of the 'v5' I download the 'v4' and I updated the phone via cwm.
and when all was complete the phone do not want to turn on, it shows me nothing at all. what I can do to fix it.
thank you
Dec 31, 2013
I just received my brand new S2 yesterday. I am using the basic Miui operating system. There doesn't appear to be a spell check feature. When I go into the language & input settings and open the spell checker option, I just get a blank screen. The spell check feature doesn't work (I'm using the basic keyboard). How can I fix this?