Xiaomi mi3w 64 gb vers. problem

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    Sep 25, 2014
    Hey there. I just bought Xiaomi mi3w and have Lots of questions i hope that some1 can help me... lets start:

    1. When i want to import contacts from SIM card i get msg No contacts found on SIM card but i have LOTS of contacts on SIM card
    I Tried this but nothing : Phone apps > Settings > Display preferences and make sure "Show SIM contacts" had been switched ON

    2. When i go to Settings > About device > System updates when i click on it , it won’t update it just close all and get me on start screen.

    3. I got phone with installed Superuser - Facebook - Gmail - Operamobile - play store(no mi store) - 360 security - clean master - mobogenie
    and some other apps that i already deleted ...

    4. When i open on phone Feedback it start collect log and phone freeze/stuck (then i need to restart phone)

    5. i Think its original phone... IT SHOULD BE :| ... here is SS of CPU Z antutu etc…in attach
    any help how to fix all this?

    I bought phone from http://www.antelife.com/

    Some miui device team member on forum answered me this:

    Hi there..

    From the specs... I noticed that your Mi 3W is a 64GB version which means it's actually not available in international market yet. The website selling the phone must be getting the stock direct from China market, then they flashed the ROM into international ROM before selling it.

    Now the problem is... we're not sure how they did the ROM flashing stuff or are they doing it in a correct way and have a proper testing after doing it.

    About cannot perform system update, I am not really sure what's the real problem. I just worried it's related to the issue I mentioned earlier in the reply.

    Also some other member told me to reflash the full latest stable rom from through fastboot.

    Problem is that I never did that be4 this is my 1st smartphone I know how to reinstall pc but phone never did that…

    Also they give me a link of tutorial how to flash http://en.miui.com/thread-11047-1-1.html BUT this is problem : Connect your phone to the computer, and put the ROM file to the folder downloaded_rom in the SD card. Open Updater on the launcher, press the Menu button – Select installation file. Choose the ROM pack you want to flash, and selectUpdate now.

    I Don’t see folder Downloaded_rom in sd card all what I have is this http://prntscr.com/4q4unf I opened all folders and didn’t found downloaded_rom..

    Can you help me? Btw I cant bring phone to the nearest MI shop because I am from Bosnia no shops here.

    Is there some VERY good video tutorial step by step how to flash phone for NO skilled people who doing it 1st Time

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    Aug 20, 2011
    Just install our multilang rom from recovery (as update.zip)
    Also make wipe all data from recovery before installing rom.

    Wysłane z MI4 W
  3. O Dragan

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    Sep 25, 2014
    yea its easy for you :D
    can you link me here File that i need to dl on pc and where to move in on phone in which folder.... and how to delete data from recovery be4 starting installation on new rom...
    btw so many ppl have phon lots of ppl dont know how to install rom and no1 didnt make some good video on ytube how to do that staff views=money

    and ty for helping me out i hope that i will with your help manage to do this for the first time :)