Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Brick, Help Me Please!!


Feb 26, 2016
Hello my name is Cristian, I have a problem with my cell'm desperate because my phone will not start and this as brick, will tell you a bit.

My Xiaomi redmi note 3 will buy from ******* and came with a rom that is not the official and warmed me, then I saw a video in which you taught to put the official rom and had raw and so I decided rootearla but I did with the battery to 15% ps I saw that lasted about 4 min the flashed said normal and follow up all the way as it was in the video to connect by pressing VOL-, on the first try did not load I stayed at 0% for 20 minutes I decided to put a stop and disconnect and my cel lit normally made one more attempt and the same, but the third attempt I started charging and happy but stayed at 2% and not know what to do so I decided to cancel and disconnect the cable and my cell I would not start and despair, press everything and nothing, I went back to try the flashing process be if something happened but I came out this error:

BROM ERROR: S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL (4032) [EMI] Enable DRAM Failed! [HINT]: Please check your matches to your load to your target matches whitch is to be downloaded.

I was so desperate search for a solution online and did not know how to look, and not because try putting a rom in Spanish of xiaomi.eu by despair and did the same this time if connect and charge 100% but my cell He was the same unlit, and decided to flash it again but this time marking the preolader but the result was the same and from there I have the phone does not work, I hope to help me.

Additional data:
- When connecting to the pc gives that sound when you plug in a device and then 1 or 2 seconds is disconnected, it spends about 10 seconds to fly to connect and then disconnect the loop is repeated.
- In the morning my cel connect another cable to the charger and led me red frame, then I trailed off, but I tried again and nothing. Maybe it was because of the low battery, but leave it connected have if it was loaded.

Now I ask you please help steps to follow or not to do, I have more fear of spoiling my cell.


Nov 29, 2013
Try this thread: http://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/*******-redmi-note-3-bricked.29878/

or write your question on official chinese forum en.miui.com


Feb 13, 2016
i had the same problem yesterday DRAM_FAIL (4032) , the phone was dead after i flashed an older chinese dev build then i tried this method and it really works:
follow the bold text in first post, use spflasher version 1516 or 1532 and latest chinese dev build from here: http://en.miui.com/a-234.html
i flashed with the newest 1532 and now my RM3 is running latest xiaomi.eu weekly build :)
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