Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 - WiFi Calling option is not avaiable


Feb 26, 2021
I have the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 running MUI Global 12.0.3 Stable. If I have my mobile data turned off, I can't send or receive pictures in my text messaging. All the research I've found is that you have to make sure WiFi Calling is enabled. All directions say to:

1. Settings
2. SIM cards & mobile networks
3. Select the SIM card
4. Enable WiFi Calling

The problem is that when I select my SIM card and it goes to the next screen, WiFi calling is not an option that is available.

Where can I find this setting?


Jul 22, 2020
Enter this in Dialer *#*#869434#*#* keep in mind your mobile operator needs to support it and activate it. For future reference keep in mind this forum is for the custom ROM xiaomi.eu only not stock firmware which you are using. For this seek assistance at the global Xiaomi forum.