Xiaomi SIM Activation Service.


Mar 9, 2021
Xiaomi SIM Activation Service.

I'm running MIUI 13.0.12 EU on a Mi 11 lite 5G.

Last time I did a full format/reset a few years ago, I had a problem with the Xiaomi SIM Activation Service. In the end, it won’t allow syncing of call history and txt message with the Mi Cloud. Because my memory is bad, can’t remember what I did back then to solve the problem. This time, I’ve spent hours doing all the stuff listed in a goggle search and youtube. Most of the information on youtube is from the same nationality all copying each other so not helpful.

From memory, it was a simple solution

I’ve done rebooting, ‘find’ phone, remove phone, add it again. Logging in and out of ‘Mi’ account, enabled sms for all associated apps (that is hidden deep in the system, difficult to find). Removed any restrictions I can find in apps and battery management, I have a monthly business account so no issues with account $. International roaming on, everything on.

I recall seeing a video on youtube a long time ago that I can’t find. It had the solution that was a simple stupid setting that I have forgotten.

Everytime I activate my sim for cloud, it always by default activates ‘Mi messages’ at the same time. I can’t disable it. I understand that this could be the issue. The message during activation is Activating “Sync messages……..

Then Couldn’t activate “Sync messages’

The phone fully works, I can receive verification txt’s from my Mi account, txt anyone in the world. It just won’t sync txts or call history with the cloud.

Can anyone help?
Did you manage to fix this? I'm having the same issue. SMS works, it's just the Xiaomi service that doesn't. I guess they're trying to send an SMS to a number in China which is blocked by my operator.
So far, no luck. I had a look at my bill from my telecom provider and I have 56 international txt's been sent (last month), must be to China as I don't normally txt overseas. I can receive verification txt's from Xiaomi when verifying the account, but for this specific service (sync of messages and call history), nothing comes through.
Well, I pretty much took everything off xiaomi cloud and just left the device backup. My calls and SMS get backed up to google cloud just fine, and it offers 15gb instead of 5.

For some reason xiaomi device backup is 3gb, and on google it's about 50mb. :)
I have the same issue
After a factory reset, can't activate sms and call history
Find device is working, I could activate this.

Searched , found a solution where u have to delete your account from the phone.ho to i.mi.com and deactivate "find your device"
After few days log in and try again

But even this didn't worked
OK, update! I have tried EVERYTHING! I've installed different ROM's, older ones, newer ones, weekly releases....... changed so many settings in MIUI to allow no restrictions, nothing worked. I contacted Xiaomi and they replied which was very nice of them. One of the things they said was to replace my sim. I went into my provider which is Spark. Spark (dumb name I know) is the largest provider in New Zealand. They showed me what my current phone account is capable of, which is all applications. I have a business phone and account, no restrictions what-so-ever. Its an unlimited account for data and calls here (NZ) and Aussie (Australia), My account can call and SMS anywhere. In my latest account (bill), there were many international txt's sent from my phone to which I didn't actually do any of them. It appears that my phone is txting overseas (China) but I have no record on my phone so it must be trying to activate. Spark replaced my sim, set it up on my account and away I went.

Everything worked as normal but I still couldn't sync messages and call history. I felt defeated so left it a few days.

I got the flu, sitting here feeling sorry for myself so I thought, 'blast' lets look at this again!

I rebooted my phone and presto! It activated and is currently syncing everything. I have about 3000 txts and its all populating in my history.

So, it looks like my sim card was at fault.

Now, maybe some advice. As very annoying that this has caused me, I will use 'SMS backup and restore' before I delete and reset things again.