Xiaomi stuck on fastboot


Jan 28, 2023
As the title suggests, my Xiaomi Redmi is stuck on fastboot mode.

It was doing fine but the widget that shows up when you increase or decrease the volume keeps coming up even when I'm not doing anything. I tried to reboot it normally but there seemed to be something wrong with the power button because the option to reboot didn't show up (normally, the options to reboot, airplane mode, and two others which I've forgotten appear when I press the power button down). So I decided to fastboot because I thought it would work and I've never had any issues with it.

Sure enough, it went into fastboot. I waited for a while but it was just stuck on that screen, with a rabbit in a hat fixing an android. I tried pressing down the power button for 10 seconds as well as volume up+volume down+power button for 10 seconds but it just keeps going back to fastboot. I've tried fixing it with my PC with UltFone Android System Repair and Minimal ADB and Fastboot but again, it just keeps going back to fastboot mode.

I read somewhere on reddit that it could be because the volume down button might be jammed and thus, the phone keeps going into fastboot because the volume down button is still "pushed," but is there anyway it can be fixed?

The battery is not removable, debugging is on, phone is not rooted, and the battery was at around 80% when it happened. It does turn off from time to time when I leave it for a few minutes but still then, it goes back to fastboot when I try to open it.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you very much

The problem was solved
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