New xiaomi td-sdcdma/gsm in Canada please help

Dec 15, 2013
I bought a phone off ebay through a seller who had ordered a bunch of these Mi3 xiamo. Was a pleasure to deal with. Told him very specifically i lived in canada and i need the version that will work here. He understood this. There is the tegra version for china users and the snapdragon that works here. On the back of my mi3 on the bottom it reads td-sdcdma/gsm. Is this the phone that is supposed to work globally or did i get the wrong one.

Part 2 to story is i played with the cell on wifi at home first and worked great. i also installed the google playstore successfully and i made myself a xiaomi account as asked. this is done via wi fi as i had to go into city to get a larger sim as the mini sim i had was of course too small. i put the sim in hoping for the best. and no luck. i even did the new a p n which im sure is right for my carrier as i used the ones off my s 3.
So now i reinstalled the sim i even reset the cell phone hoping it would recognize the sim in this unlocked cell and fire up. i keep getting messages about micloud and then pressing enable and it does nothing or something about an international sms message will be sent to activate etc etc or to be recieved and i press enable and nothing happens,

IT has me absolutely baffled. unless my apn is wrong or this phone is a dud for canada or global. but im sure its good here. what am i missing or doing wrong to get my carriers signal. i have it set to unspecified on the apn not lte and i believe i have all other things set right. someome on here must have the m13 in the u.s already or canada and can walk me through this, its driving me nuts. thanks so much u guys and gals.