Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Mop Essential


Dec 16, 2020
Dear Forum.

I have started to use brand new Xiaomi Vacuum cleaner Mop essential, already connected to WIFI and Android MI Home App. After a few days of regular use, we have decided to move vacuum cleaner from 0. to first floor.

There is the moment where troubles has started. After moving and powering on the cleaner was not able to connect to WIFI SSID. After pressing home/on-off button for 3 seconds there was no sound from it. I have tried to do complete factory reset, but it was unsuccessful. The robot cleaner cleans normally and returns to dock station, if you press on-off button, but it does not connect to WIFI and make voice messages.

Do you have any ideas or tips how to solve this issue ?

Best regards.
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Dec 28, 2021
I have the same device and the brush in the middle never stops. I'm waiting for the battery to run out so it won't turn back on. I tried resetting the device. I turned it off and on many times, but the middle brush always turns.