Xunlei Download Manager

Aug 22, 2015
I've always used xiaomi.eu ROM on my mi4, last week I've tried Chinese developer version because xiaomi.eu skipped that one.
I was surprised about how useful is Xunlei Download Manager, WOW it's blazing fast!
So when today xiaomi.eu released its version I've found out that Xunlei was removed from xiaomi.eu versions.
Here @ingbrzy said that it's not supported outside China so it was removed from xiaomi.eu ROM, but I live in Italy and it works like a charm.

So I've redownloaded miui.com version and decompressed it, I started searching for the apk inside the ROM but I haven't managed to find it.

Is there any apk or some patch to activate Xunlei in xiaomi.eu versions ?