Yes or no .Google play on mi3 original rom ?

Dec 7, 2014
Is it possible to install Google play on a mi3 that has the original rom installed and basically has not been interfered with ?
I have a mi3 which has had the multi language rom installed but now it has no updater app so I'm stuck on miui v5 .
This phone I bought as a present for my wife and I didnt know that I would have this issue ..
Now I really really like the phone and am looking to buy one for myself so I contacted my seller on ********** and asked him to this time leave the original rom on the handset as English is installed on it as is and I don't need a multi language setting , but he replied that google play cannot be installed on the original rom ?? Is this information correct ?
All I want is a mi3 phone that has the Google options available and working and I can also be able to push the weekly miui updates !
Can this be done ?
I'm not very confident in flashing roms etc and don't want to pay for a phone and then mess it up ..
Any help or info on this would be greatly appreciated ..
Thanks ..
Dec 19, 2014
Use the Google installer(谷歌安装器) on Xiaomi App Store. (search for 'google installer' you will find app with those chinese letters with Google logo.)

There are better instructions on site but it just went down. If I remember correctly you have to install google services first and after that anything else you need : play store, calendar, maps, etc.