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Hi, I have a problem with my xiaomi redmi 5 plus. I installed the latest stable ROM (11.0.3). I haven't been able to send and receive messages for some time. Practically the moment I open the application of the messages I get the following error: "messages has stopped" or "messages keeps stopping". I wanted to ask if it was possible to solve this problem. Thank you
Ivanvl said:
Hi everybody!
Devs thanks for your ROM
I am need help.
I am use myMail for mail :), and "Xiaomi" don't lighting.
I am turn use lighting.
How fix it?
You write:
Please check in the app permissions of mail whether the notification led is allowed.

Where i can found it?
Hi Mark,
Is there a chance to get rid of all these Magisk/Root/Widevine level discussions in the actual release Thread? It is so annoying to read through dozends of Posts which are not really related to the supported ROM's.
I have a Redmi Note 7 I have released it and I installed recovery twrp and I have updated the MIUI ROM 11 / 9.12.12 and it works perfectly with the modifications included. As an information, I notice that the unlocking of this device as well as the installation of Recovery can be achieved without any problem in Windows 7. Greetings friends thanks for your contribution and work.
Eu instalei um versão estavel no redimi nota 8, mas o bluetooth nao funciona no .eu, no global estavel esa funciona perfeitamente, alguma solucao a favor?
hello, i love your theme, how i can give it? the the dark red with transparencys, has you got the MTZ file or do you know the name os theme? Thanks
What about miui 11 for redmi 5 plus? there is no archive anywhere. thanks
how to unlock? my phone mi6 xiaomi account lock please help me
OK tried again and resolved it :)
I go to settings --> Apps.. --> E-Mail - forced close the App and deleted all Data.
Then I added my accounts again (gmail, outlook) and now I can forward mails and start new ones !!
Greets Harry
Hi. I can not reply anmore to the thread you posted in.

DId you resolve the error with the Mail app where you can not forward mails or start new mails ?

I have the exact same error with V11.0.3.0.QFKCNXM_v11-10 stable rom. Access is granted to storage with E-Mail-App.
Thank you !
Látom te is úgy jártál mint én,szeretném megkérdezni hogy melyik az a szervíz ahol megcsinálják a készüléket?
Hello, just wanted to say thanks for maintaining the Updater app with your mirrors. Not many people notice here that you're doing a lot to make the process easy along with the other devs!