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    Mi Mix 5G

    Do mix 3 5g has widevine l1 and what is camera2api level? I just purchased 128GB global version for 330USd
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    MIUI 11.1 9.12.5/6

    On CC9 there is problem. When pressing power button to lock device screen flashes 3 times before to turn off.
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    Gpay on unlocked bootloader mi8 / cc9

    I have both phones with the same software - unlocked bootloaders, .eu weekly ROM, TWRP installed. No root or magisk modules installed. On cc9 i am not able to activate wireless payments - my phone is not secured. Contacted support and they said it`s because of the unlocked bootloader. Then i...
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    MIUI 11.1 9.11.7

    I have cc9 and mi8. I can`t get mi air 2 TWS / airdots 2 to work with codec LHDC. Is anyone able? What phone has it working?
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    MIUI 11.1 9.9.26/27 v2 - MIUI 11

    I have dirtyflashed mi8 and a new installation of my new cc9 - both are not working. I have tried changing style, AOD on or off but never works. What can be the problem? Ohh i found the problem :) lockscreen notification must be enabled for the app
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    MIUI 11.1 9.9.26/27 v2 - MIUI 11

    Both mi8 and cc9 animations / pulse light when screen is off is not working. Is there some trick to make it work?
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    mi8 working great, no longer reboot problem like last week. Will test DC dimming soon with other phone`s camera.
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    I have a strange problem with 9.5.17 on mi8. Phone is not able to resart, instead it turns off and when i press for 10 seconds to start if first flashes like the AOD pulse light... Anyone has this problem?
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    mi8 all fine now. Mi calculator was stuck waiting to agree some lciense after update so it got 70% battery drain, but seems like is solved, will check later.
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    Big battery drain on mi8....
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    Mi 8 AOD Themes?

    Working fine on latest EU weekly rom, no need to wipe dalvik
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    Mi 8 AOD Edge notifications

    I have AOD shedued to be on during the day. It is working with AOD and after AOD is turned off.
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    Mi 8 AOD Edge notifications

    The new weekly rom solved this issue. Dirty flash without any wipes now it is working. Just check Lock screen & password -> "When notification come and screen is off -> show animations" Also check your apps have "Allow breathing light tips" enabled in notification menu.
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    It is not new, Pro is the best for me, but still i prefer *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*. How to see the dynamic pictures? In miui gallery it is like normal picture, but 4 times the size. How to make it move?
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    What edge notifications? It is not mention in the update.