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    MULTI 6.6.23

    There remains very little space. Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 4G LTE.
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    MULTI 6.3.31

    Big drain the battery in multi dior.
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    MULTI 5.11.19/20

    Everything is ok with mi2s. Wait only android 6.0 marshmallow.
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    MULTI 5.8.20

    Poor me hear a conversation. Mi2s
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    MULTI 5.8.6

    Dior battery melts for hours.
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    MULTI 5.4.24

    [Цитат = "claudiok, пост: 245327, член: 114966"]? Така че това е свързано батерията. Как може да дори да мисля, че това е свързано ROM? Това е логиката [/ цитат] I also wonder.
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    MULTI 5.4.24

    Battery drain when the phone is turned off. Mi2s
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    MULTI 5.4.17

    Also a problem with USSD code. Mi2s
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    MULTI 5.1.23

    A Mi2 and Mi2a ?
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    MULTI 4.11.21

    Ще има V6 за Xiaomi mi2s 4.1 Jelly Bean ?