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    MULTI 5.9.24/26

    how is this possible without Bacon?
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    MULTI 5.6.25

    Will the OnePlus One ever get any V6 love? I know you guys like Bacon too :P
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    MULTI 4.10.24

    i keep on holding on and update keep coming
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    MULTI 4.10.17

    This looks good for the OnePlus One but not so good for the OPPO Find 5, keep up the good work
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    MULTI 4.8.29

    Updates are always great - but no more Find 5 support?
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    MULTI 4.7.18

    more updates means more goodness let's go!
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    MULTI 4.6.20

    Thanks for the update goodies -Happy Orange Friday to all!
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    MULTI 4.4.25

    Thanks for the update, Weather still showing Chinese Weather Network (Celsius vs Fahrenheit) degrees. Unable to open Mail from notification, Google Voice not syncing properly - app has to be open to receive new text.
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    MULTI 4.3.7

    C'mon v6
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    It must be Orange Friday
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    Thanks, Orange Friday gets me up in the morning
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    New [No Images in default Browser] MIUI v5 3.9.6 for Nexus 4

    Cleared Cache, Cleared Data, Full Wipe to Factory problem since ROM was released Chrome works great!
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    New [FC on Messaging and apps] MIUI v5 3.9.6 for Nexus 4

    Twitter v4.1.7 Messaging v4.2.2-3.9.6 Google Voice v0.4.2.80 Cleared Cache, Cleared Data, Full Wipe to Factory problem is intermittent
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    New [Slow USB Transfer Speed] MIUI v5 3.9.6 for Nexus 4

    I understand this if not "Official" release firmware but have tried this on multiple ports and 3 different laptops, deleted USB hosts and wiped/Cleared Cache and dalvik/ and re-installed. Worked perfectly last release.