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    Widgets which MIUI really needs!

    I would love to see this as well. I am surprised that MIUI has not been on top of this.
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    partitioned sd card help.

    you can try this hope it works for you
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    cant seem to get cd cover art in music app ?

    just wondering how to get cover art on my music in the music app ? I have tried album art grabber but I have no luck and of course tried the album art grabber in the music app its self.
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    finaly got MIUI working :)

    looks like all my problems were salved with the 1.5.13 update. I was always doing a complete factory reset before flashing and this time I just did a full wipe of the catches and wala everything is working. So is this the right way to flash the updates is just wipe the catches and thats all ...
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    quick question for the apps2sd problem ?

    I am running MIUI 1.4.8 because I cant seem to get apps2sd on the newest roms and I have written about it before but was wondering if this is a big problem with everyone or everyone using the HTC Desire GSM or just a few people ? And was wondering if it is in the works to being fixed ? Sorry...
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    Need help flashing a new Radio ?

    I have never done this before and was wondering if some one could help me find a new Radio for my HTC Desire GSM so I can fix my GPS ? I am using MIUI 1.4.8 and here is some of my information. HTC Desire GSM Telus network :Canada Baseband : Kernel :
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    STILL NO AP2SD ???????????

    I have no apps 2 sd after I have down loaded the last 2 roms does anyone know how to go back and get older versions of MIUI ? I have lost all my stuff on my sd card trying to get apps2sd back up and running I totally forgot to back up my sd card so kinda pissed right now.
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    STILL NO AP2SD ???????????

    Man this kinda bugs me. I still have no apps2sd and now I have gone and tried to partition my sd card and lost my stable version of MIUI (thats my fault ) but still do not understand why now I do not have apps2sd? I have tried to do the fixes on the forum but cant get it to work now I guess I am...
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    Please fix navagation

    sorry about that I am on a HTC Desire GSM, Kernel, I have Maps, Places, Navigation,Latitude and Navionics,and Street View installed other than that I do not know what would be crashing my phone. I love MIUI but still learning this stuff so bare with me. I am going on vacation soon and...
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    Please fix navagation

    For some reason when I go to maps and then go to Navigation my phone will shut down and restart. I love MIUI but I will be needing my navigation bad soon can you please look into this ??
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    Not trusting this weeks update at all

    I thought everything was fine but then Yesterday for the first time ever on my Desire my Navagation would not stay on it would just reset my phone ? Then all of a sudden I could not down load from the market on 3g ? Then UTube started acting up and after a few sec watching a movie my phone would...
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    Trouble with my Contacts

    I was sure hoping that the contacts syncing would have been fixed for me but no such luck. It looks like it is very hard for MIUI to load my contacts that I have synced to my facebook friends ? I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem ? HTC Desire
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    Do I uninstall old Roms ?

    ok thanks and yes jig55aw that is what I was talking about " the zip files I have on my sd card "
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    Do I uninstall old Roms ?

    I was just wondering when I get a new rom can I get rid of the old ones on my sd card ? I know this may be a dumb question but just want to make sure I am not deleting things that I should not be.
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    Contacts are not in sync on 1.3.25

    the one thing I am missing big time is my contacts are not synced with facebook ? It says it is but I have a lot of blank boxes in my contacts and when using Handcent there are no pictures for my contacts ? Is there a fix for this or is this something I will have to live with ? HTC Desire