Need help flashing a new Radio ?


Mar 11, 2011
I have never done this before and was wondering if some one could help me find a new Radio for my HTC Desire GSM so I can fix my GPS ? I am using MIUI 1.4.8 and here is some of my information.

HTC Desire GSM
Telus network :Canada
Baseband :
Kernel : cyanogenmod-gd 307828

Any help would really be appreciated. I have looked around the internet and found some information in XDA but still need a little help before I go ahead and flash this.
Go over thse 3 links and see if they make sense for you:

I do not have a Desire

Whatever you do, bu sdcard and phone first and do NOT pull battery during flashing process or = BRICKED PHONE

If you don't need to, don't do it

The process should be the same with Clockwork or Amon

Any Desire owners correct me if I am wrong on those links