quick question for the apps2sd problem ?


Mar 11, 2011
I am running MIUI 1.4.8 because I cant seem to get apps2sd on the newest roms and I have written about it before but was wondering if this is a big problem with everyone or everyone using the HTC Desire GSM or just a few people ? And was wondering if it is in the works to being fixed ? Sorry for all the questions but I love MIUI and would love to be able to use the newest versions.

Just one more question for a noobie : Right now my GPS is not working and was wondering if I try to flash 1.4.8 again and again could this fix the problem with out going to the extreme and flashing a new Radio. My GPS was working before on this rom ? And do I need to do a full wipe or can I just flash it ?
I am having the same problem. Basically my a2sd partition will not mount. I have tried partitioning it several different ways without any luck. Have you had any luck figuring this out? It works fine on 1.4.8.

To answer your other question you should be able to flash again by wiping cache and dalvik cache. I am not having any gps problems running radio