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    Update MIUI 10 (stable) in the future to MIUI 11 without wipe and struggle via OTA?

    I bought a brand new Redmi Note 7 for my dad who will use it as daily driver. I only want set it up once. So let's say I flash the latest stable MIUI 10 ROM on it, will he be able to receive MIUI 11 in the future (I know, it isn't ready yet) via OTA and without any struggle or wiping? Hope you...
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    [Mi 9] no Updates anymore

    Sorry if I don't understand... will there be further releases of MIUI 10.* stable and MIUI 11 stable for the Mi 9?
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    General downsides of on the Mi 9?

    In the next days I'll receive my brand new Mi 9 and I'm not new to flashing and all this custom rom stuff. I researched a lot about our pretty ROM and I have a new questions now about general downsides of flashing this ROM. My demand is a clutterfree ROM which I have to install once and it'll...
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    iPhone Style Backup Solution?

    Hey Guys, I have an eye on Xiaomi Phones for about 5-6 years but never bought one for my self only for people in my social environment. Is there a backup like solution like on iOS? Which safes, files, pictures, contacts, notes, whatsapp, AND Settings (notifications, all settings, wifi.) There...