iPhone Style Backup Solution?

Which backup solution do you prefer

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Feb 3, 2019
Hey Guys,

I have an eye on Xiaomi Phones for about 5-6 years but never bought one for my self only for people in my social environment.

Is there a backup like solution like on iOS?
Which safes, files, pictures, contacts, notes, whatsapp, AND Settings (notifications, all settings, wifi.)
There is a solution with MI Cloud and a Google solution.

And is there a way to migrate von phone zu phone? seemless like on iOS?

What is the best way to go?

kind regards,


Mar 31, 2017
There are a variety of options to make backups. MiCloud and Google cloud an help (or several others, such as idrive.com), if you want to make a online backup (so, if you trust that these companies will keep your data safe), or local backups. For local backups, you can use the MIUI option under Settings -> Additional settings -> Backup & reset -> Backup -> Local Backup. You can even set this to "automatic". Of course, you will have to transfer these local backups to a computer, or at the very least to an SD card or a USB stick. The most complete backup can be done with "Titanium Backup", if you have rooted your phone.

"Seamless" transfer from phone to phone - not really, but it is easy enough. Android is not iOS, so be prepared that some things work in a different way, and are not so "seamlessly integrated" - but on the other hand, it gives you much more freedom to choose the device that fits your need and budget. Im a big, loyal Apple fan (since 1984!), but for mobile phones I only go for Android!