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    Can't access secure websites

    Hey. So i'm trying to access a few different websites (online banking, for example) and basically when I try to access any sites that have the little padlock at the top of the browser (i'm assuming these are https sites) they just won't load. This doesn't occur if i'm on wifi for some...
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    Secure Lockscreen Delay feature?

    Can I bump this thread. This is a much needed feature in my opinion. I love having the passcode there, but sometimes I might switch the phone off for 15 seconds and realise I forgot something. Can get very painful having to re-enter it after that brief time (especially because mine is...
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    iPhone unlock animation

    Because of widgets, I don't really think its possible. If you had a full screen widget, it would have to fly in from each side of the screen? Would look very odd. iPhone can only do it because its limited to a 4x4 grid of icons.
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    MIUI Calendar?

    I dunno, its really just the colour. If it wasn't so washed out and bland, i'm sure i'd love it.
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    MIUI Calendar?

    I did attempt to install that one, but yeah, unfortunately couldn't get it working and had to revert back. My stock calendar has been playing up since... so i'm really hanging out for that to be fixed sometime soon..
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    MIUI Calendar?

    I don't know about everyone else, but i personally would love to see a remake or reskin of the stock android calendar. Sure, the functionality is there, but it's damn ugly and mine experiences visual glitches quite often, which isn't too fun.. ;) Comments? Opinions?
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    APN problem

    I'm experiencing the exact same thing. It's really frustrating and I don't get why its started happening suddenly.
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    It's basically moving entire applications to the SD card to save precious internal memory on your phone. (At least, I believe that's what it is)
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    Thanks heaps :) seems to be working well so far, ill return if i run in to any more problems.
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    Ohh. I thought it was automatic. How do I do this?
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    Hey. I'm very new to the scene, so sorry if this is a stupid question. I have HTC desire and i really want to use a2sd+. I've partitioned my SD card using ROM manager to have a 512 ext partition, and under settings it displays that I still have ~400mb of a2sd+ storage remaining, however, i'm...