Can't access secure websites


Nov 29, 2010

So i'm trying to access a few different websites (online banking, for example) and basically when I try to access any sites that have the little padlock at the top of the browser (i'm assuming these are https sites) they just won't load.
This doesn't occur if i'm on wifi for some reason, but thats not really useful to me, because most of my mobile browsing takes place over 3g anyway...
My main browser is dolphin HD but i've tried it on the stock browser and I get the exact same issue.

Has anyone experienced the same thing? Or know of a fix? I've only noticed it since upgrading to 1.7.1. I have had similar issues in the past, but they've seemed to resolve themselves after some time. I've just never caught on to which sites were doing it and which sites weren't... But now I know.

Thanks for your help!