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    MULTI 5.4.10

    Hey. I am the norwegian translator for MIUI. I see you have problems. I did a bunch of changes for 5.4.10, and looks some serious bugs (untranslateable strings breaking things) appeared. I don't have any Xiaomi phones to test with currently, and this is the reason i didn't catch these bugs...
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    request XDA-Developers forum support for Xiaomi

    The only device XDA can add to their forum is Xiaomi Mi2(s). They will refuse to add a category for devices with no kernel source available. Last i heard, they refuse to add a category for Mi2(s) as well. They seem to have some sort of hatred for Xiaomi and MIUI, and even if you throw the...
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    MIUI V4 for MI3?

    Also, i believe this bug can be fixed by marking the app as "trusted" in the permissions app.
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    MIUI V4 for MI3?

    MIUI v4 is too old. MIUI v4 was based on ICS, and no 4.0 roms are available for Mi3. You can't port a 4.0 ROM to a device that only has newer versions of android available.
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    If miui v6 is like this...

    Shouldn't it be one branch eventually though? Android is made to adapt :P
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    If miui v6 is like this...

    I have ported MIUI v6 to Nexus 5, but the layout is all messed up and SystemUI crashes :) MIUI v6 is clearly not ready for phones yet...
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    Xiaomi desvers a spot on xda, Developers please respond

    The kernel and device tree for certain Xiaomi devices is already released at and Only the linux kernel in Android is GPL-licensed, the rest is Apache. Apache-licensed code can be modified without being open-sourced. I think Xiaomi providing device tree is...
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    A few questions

    Bootloader is unlocked though, but don't expect a huge amount of roms. Look at Mi2(s) forum for an estimation.
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    Porting Paranoid Android to Xiaomi Mi2

    Compile it from source using PA github +
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    [GUIDE][JB 4.1.2/JB 4.2.2/Common] Definitive FAQ for newest miui porting

    Has anyone fixed the bug where external sdcard does not appear in Gallery and Music apps?
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    Xiaomi Xiaomi Red Rice

    Ehh... MediaTek is known to have incredibly ****** GPS, atleast from my own experiences and what i have read on the internet.
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    MULTI MIUI v5 Multi Lang 3.5.10

    Did anyone try this weeks multilang on i9300? I can't seem to get any language to apply, everything stays english.
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    Stock Android on MI-2

    If you want to 'do it yourself', you better have kernel source, no? Oh i forgot, Xiaomi does not release that.
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    Rimelig tregt, du kan hjelpe til hvis du vil...

    Rimelig tregt, du kan hjelpe til hvis du vil...