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    MIUI 8.3 7.3.9

    Please build dior stable :(
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    MIUI 8.3 7.3.2

    No more Dior stable? We stopped weekly support for all Android 4.4 (HMNote1S, HMNoteLTE, HM1S are EOL) devices but will continue releasing STABLE versions only :S
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    MULTI 6.1.14

    Got random reboots on dior (exactly the same as with stable). last_kmsg
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    MULTI 6.1.7/11

    I got random reboots on dior stable 7.1 ( I would say both were after reconnecting to wifi, i went out of the building and when came in phone was rebooting... uhm, not sure at all, just done that and it didn't reboot :S
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    MULTI 5.12.31

    As i said with 5.12.31, dior stable crashes on wizard making it impossible to boot. Mi Cloud fc making wizard boot.
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    MULTI 5.12.31

    Dior doesnt boot. Wizard keeps crashing. Enviado desde mi HM NOTE 1LTE mediante Tapatalk
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    MULTI 5.10.15/16

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    MULTI 5.10.15/16

    Perfect on dior, as always.
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    MULTI 5.10.8

    Perfect on Dior, as always. Adaway works ok too.
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    MULTI 5.9.24/26

    On dior weather app can't connect to network.
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    MULTI 5.9.24/26

    Everything is explained in first post yup. One question guys, is battery heating issue and drain fixed in latests builds?
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    MULTI 5.9.1/2

    Perfect on dior. Enviado desde mi HM NOTE 1LTE mediante Tapatalk
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    MULTI 5.8.20

    There's global beta too.
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    MULTI 5.8.20

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    MULTI 5.8.20

    As always, running perfectly on Dior. Thanks so much. It runs exactly as chinese version =))