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    How To Root ?

    Here is a tutorial that you can get a method to root your Xiaomi , in fact , as long as you are Android user, you will are able to complete the root program
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    How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Android ?

    Thanks for your answer,
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    Locked Mi5s: From Global Stable To Weekly Eu

    Is there solution for us to solve this problem ?
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    How To Root ?

    I root my phone without any data lost , maybe you can install this root app like me
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    How Do You Remove The Blue Sd Card Notification From Constantly Reappearing?

    It is easy to recover lost data on the phone if you previouly backup thses data or saved it on the other device , but if didn't , you can only scan the phone device with any recovery tools ,maybe , it can help you fix this problem as often as possible ,
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    Problem With Backup Google Photo Xiaomi Mi5s

    As i know , you can transfer data from android to computer , the program is as simple as you copy data to computer ,
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    Can't Install Twrp

    Why not , more ofter than on , it is easy to install it , you can search on Internet for a full guide about install ,
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    Battery Drain / No Deep Sleep In Flight Mode

    Did you root your phone, you can have a try
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    How To Backup Original Rom Before Flashing Eu Stable Rom

    The best way is copy the phone data to computer, once the data is stored on the computer, you can easy backup these data , but i don't know how to copy the data to computer security
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    Should I Buy Mi4?

    I have been looking for new phone ,
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    Need Help ?? How to restore data from Huawei allbackup to Xiaomi ??

    You are android user , you should use the android recovery tool, which can easily scan you phone memory or SIM card to find out data from android , as we all know, the android phone always use the phone memory to saved the phone data , like SMS,contacts,photos, song ,files,app ......,the...