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    New TWRP Mi 9 - Updated 02.06.19

    Thanks for reply I confirm no problem in my case with the switch
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    New TWRP Mi 9 - Updated 02.06.19

    Hi MangoMc, is safe to switch from this one to Mauronofrio twrp? Thanks
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    microphone and sound bug

    Same problem. Random bug with microphone. Reboot solve the problem
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    Any idea why Mi community app not use correctly the default language? Before rom this app work correctly. Thanks btw: rom is really good
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    Hi, I have a Mi9 with last rom. Any possibility to have only icon for notification on Always on Display (I see there is always the icon for fingerprint), and also what are the apps that show the icon? (I know gmail but other?). Thanks giulio
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    is up
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    Same problem for me
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    MULTI 3.11.29

    HI, jflte is on base samsung (tw)?
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    MULTI 3.11.22

    Please i9505
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    Server Donations Fund

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    MULTI MIUI v5 Multi Lang 3.5.10

    We need to split langpack...
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    MULTI MIUI v5 Multi Lang 3.5.10

    I9100 lang pack cause bootloop
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    Inside system there is a new option for button. You can change the function for menu, home (not work) and banck button
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    For now assign the function to a different button like menu
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    Xiaomi know. Btw: I love new settings for button