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    twrp for mi 11 lite

    and present the rom 12.5 for my 11 lite but I don't find any twrp
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    MIUI 12.0 20.6.4

    could anyone tell me the code name of the minote 10 lite?
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    MIUI 11.2 20.1.2/4

    connecting the miair 2 to one xiaomi mi9t you cannot see the animation of the connected box nor the charge status of the box and the earphones
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    Mipad4 Plus and Miicloud

    I bought mipad4 plus, unblocked and put the latest rom eu, when I went to configure my Vip account I find myself in this situation as in the screen. All connected except micloud backup, could anyone help me? Thanks
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    settings - ambient display and lock screen - notifications find the screen reactivate or show the screen or do not reactivate the screen
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    proximity sensor

    some complain that sometimes the phone cannot be unlocked because the word "do not cover the display at the top with your fingers" appears on the display, forcing the forced reboot to unlock it
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    in fact so it should be but to me for example telegram does not flash at all
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    from the notifications section, selecting the "show animation" item when a notification is received, the border of the display should light up while nothing happens here
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    Can't unlock Mi 9T

    the problem is presented to all of us T-holders dissociate the miaccount from the phone then go into the developer options and from there the miacocunt associates it to the phone. you will see that after a couple of attempts it will work and at that point you go to unlock me
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    rom weekly mi9t

    hello it is a question that we are all asking ourselves as owners of the mi9t why the eu development line does not release weekly for this terminal when in the past and with other new terminals and just placed on the market the rom after maximum 1 week was already available, today, after almost...
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    rom for mi9t?
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    will also be an official problem as you write, but you developers or testers or writers of Roma knowing this serious problem, release an update well knowing what you are going to? I have 4000 nr in the phonebook that every 5 minutes disappear as well as all the appointments in the calendar...