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    MULTI 4.1.17

    This is the CM/AOSP unofficial version. If you want to try it then you will have to perform a full wipe.
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    MULTI 4.1.17

    Thanks, i had just noticed this on the roms page, answers my question about the diffence in size :)
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    New Settings not installed

    Working fine now thank you :)
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    MULTI 4.1.17

    Seems to be ok now thanks ingbrzy :)
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    New Settings not installed

    It looks like settings.apk is missing from the zip
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    New Settings not installed

    Hi, I have the Samsung galaxy note 2 and I have just installed today's release. When I try and go into settings out tells me that it is not installed. Checked md5 and tried to re install but still no settings
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    Resolved Can't select preferred launcher

    Solved. I converted it back to a user app with titanium backup and I could then select it as my preferred launcher. Converted it back to a system app so I can add widgets.
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    Resolved Can't select preferred launcher

    Hi, I have just installed the latest version for the note 2. I am using action launcher but I am unable to select it as my preferred launcher in the settings so whenever I press the home button or restart the phone it goes back to the default launcher. I have it converted to a system app using...
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    In Progress Latitude error

    Any news on this being fixed yet? Samsung Galaxy Note 2 still crashing for me.
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    Need to know the name of this widget.

    Look for one more clock widget in the market.
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    Just boot into recovery, perform a nandroid (back up), wipe cache and dalvik cache, install and reboot :)
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    Not only you its the same on my evo 3d
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    Would you...

    Definitely Mark go for it mate :-)
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    MIUI ROM 2.8.3 Release

    Evo 3d is working fine for me with no crash or problems at all. Thanks Miui, Mark and the MiuiAndroid team :)
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