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    Fixed: Miui V7: Bluetooth A2dp Bitpool Too Low: Poor Bluetooth Audio Quality

    Same here. MIUI 7 5.8.20 MI2S. Sound quiality is awful for bluetooth. It was ok on 5.2.13_v6-4.4
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    MULTI 5.4.3

    After numerous re-pairings, headset is working again. Not sure for how long it will last.
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    MULTI 5.4.3

    I also did so. But after I've paired Mi-Band headset stopped working again. I've unpaired everything, cleared data, pair devices back but without luck anymore :(
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    MULTI 5.4.3

    Could also confirm problem with BT media. It worked great on 5.2.13 but on the latest firmware it's not working anymore. Did installation with flashing by miflash and cleaning everything. Also, when I just did install this firmware the way from work to home it worked fine as always, but when I...
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    Japaneese font can not be seen on this firmware. And it's bad :'(
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    MIUI V5 Video

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    MULTI MIUI Multi-Lang ROM 2.8.17 [ICS & JB]

    Same thing on my MI-One.
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    New SGS2 overheating/power consumption with music app 2.7.6

    I've got the same problem on my MI-One with latest build.
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    New Foursquare A-GPS issue

    I managed to solve this problem my way. I replaced NetworkLocation.apk file from 2.6.15, reboot and it started working! WIll be glad to help other people trying to solve this problem!
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    New Foursquare A-GPS issue

    In 2.6.7 positioning in Foursquare is still broken. I think it's a serious bug. Will be great if anyone will pay attention to this.
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    New Foursquare A-GPS issue

    Update: If anyone will meet this problem on their device - the foursquare A-GPS location service was broken in 2.6.29. Reflashing 2.6.15 from recovery not helping. Only thing that help me: I reflashed official China firmware ICS 6.0 Stable with Mi-Flash. Tha wiped all data and flash 2.6.15 from...
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    New Foursquare A-GPS issue

    Hello! I didn't find information about my problem. It's not mentioned anywhere. I have Mi-One Plus with latest V4 build from On past two weeks I was on my vacation in Turkey (gone there from Russia). In Turkey A-GPS positioning worked fine. Had no problems. When I returned to...
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.6.15 Changelog

    And what's the sticky notes on lockscreen?
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    Xiaomi New Miui V4 Lockscreens!

    Nice, but lost functionality (
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    LED Settings

    Hope to see this fix soon :)