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    What do you want more in MIUI ????

    POssibility of editing songs before using it like ringtone (Ringtone trimmer in Froyo)
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    I see that upon releasing new versions of MIUI, old ones become unaccesible fo everyone. I suggest that there should be archive where everyone could download in case he/she need it , or upon request on e-mail to recieve direct DL link to it. Regards,
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    OTA Disable

    Thank you.
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    Battery Drain

    Hey rudeguy, did you read mu post above yours ??? I do not say I'm a developer but somehow I think I like to find out issues and bugs in order something to be better than it was. I know that battery reset should be done (which I did) and that it should be fixed by it, but reading other forums it...
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    OTA Disable

    How to disable OTA, or make to start manually my OTA update. Everytime i open my phone there is a message that new version is available. I try to put latest update on card in rom folder,but it is the same problem. I think OTA needs little bit improvement with options like manual update, turn...
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    MIUI Community - What device do you want to see running MIUI?

    Hey guys, what about HP Touchpad ???
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    Battery Drain

    OK, now it is 19.00 CET . I have 81%....Very good. The procedure: First at all I drained my battery do max, but not forced to shut down. Plug my charger and let it charge for all night. Leave it on charge even it shows that is full. Disconected charger, and power off my phone. Plug in...
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    Battery Drain

    Hello, Do a little test today.....I never wipe battery status so I decided early this morning (7.00 am CET) to do it. Since last night I put on charge my phone. This morning (after 4-5 hours of charging) I disconnect it, and power off my phone. Put it back to charger (off state) and wait for...
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    Battery Drain

    No, that is not the point. The point is WHY it is happening. Should we left everything as it is, so maybe in some other version we had an issue where for somebody's will of very strong signal (or whatever else) our battery drain out for , say...2-3 hours ?? We must find out cause of battery...
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    Battery Drain

    Today I experienced something interesting. Did you notice that in areas where is a weak signal when you try to talk, there is a good reception but your phone goes hot ??? I think that older versions and new one ( and higher) of radios are different set to use power for...
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    MIUI not falling back to mobile data

    Shout and scream ??? :)
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    MIUI not falling back to mobile data

    Yap, you are right. I report this issue also in 2.3.4a version. Unfortunately no one care about this i think....
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    Unlocking bootloader from HTC

    HTC has begin to give free unlocking codes for bootloaders for their devices. Currently they support Sensation and Evo 3D. There is complate tutorial and unlocking procedure on their site h**p:// You have to be registered in order to unlock your device. The way they unlock is...
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    Partitions ?!

    I think that first of all you have to unlock your phone with Unrevoked. Also, if you have froyo 2.2 there is no problem at all. Just DL latest Unrevoked (I suggest Linux version) , put your phone in Hboot and voila, after couple of minutes it is unlocked. Problem (I think) exists with newer...
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    Old Old Rom

    Search the web, you'll find it.